Finding Bed Bugs And Detection Dogs

bedbug-on-cloth There is a resurgence of bed bugs in North America. New England is being hit as hard as everyone else and it’s not uncommon to be finding bed bugs in various locations throughout your home. Bed bugs hide and if you don’t react to their bites, you may not notice them until there is a large infestation. They survive on blood and tend to congregate around places you are sedentary – the bed, sofa, chair. You do not feel the bite when it is happening. They can finish a meal in 5-10 minutes and feed every 5-7 days. You will generally notice several bumps in an erratic line on your exposed skin.

Why Bed Bug Detection Dogs?

Dogs have been used to detect many things because of their superior olfactory capabilities. Dogs are used to find both live and dead missing people. They are capable of detecting human remains that are centuries old. They are more recently used to detect cancer or oncoming seizures. Dogs also find explosives, narcotics, cell phones and bed bugs to name a few. Canines have proven to be more effective and efficient than humans at finding bed bugs. With a dog you can find localized bed bugs prior to an infestation and treat an apartment for example rather than an entire apartment complex. And it’s worth ruling out bed bugs for your peace of mind.

EPA-bro-thumb The Unites States Environmental Protection Agency has a brochure with more facts and information about bed bug prevention, detection, and control.
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