Why Us?

Shamus searching for bedbugs
Our Bed Bug Detection Dog Teams offer professional, confidential, quality and reliable detection services at competitive rates. Our Bed Bug Detection Dogs will perform the search in a thorough manner, detailing each room. Walking in and out of a room is not sufficient to ensure that a bed bug dog will sniff the tiny scent cone of a bed bug. An effective bed bug dog and handler cover the entire room with the dog sniffing high, nose level and low in all areas putting their nose close enough to pick up on the bed bug scent. It takes longer and is harder work, but it’s essential for a thorough, reliable search.

We give our bed bug detection dogs breaks during longer inspections to ensure that they are fresh and accurate. You are not charged for the break time if you have elected to pay by the hour.

We are happy to perform a test using a hidden vial prior to the search demonstrating that our bed bug dog recognizes and alerts on bed bug odor.

Bed Bug Detection K9s are certified annually to ensure that we meet the highest standards. Our dogs are certified by Integrated Bed Bug Management Association.  Our dogs, Spice and Shamus, are trained on a daily basis by a skilled trainer who understands detection and keeps them reliable and effective at finding even the smallest quantity of bed bugs.

Our dogs are trained following the SWDOG Guidelines.  Scientific Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines requires a minimum of 16 documented working/training hours per month for detection dogs.  We utilize live bed bugs in training our dogs.

We operate independently and our loyalty is to our client. Since we are not affiliated with an extermination company we are unbiased in our findings and will let you know if we do not find bed bugs.  We can make recommendations on extermination companies if we do find bed bugs if requested and what your alternatives are including heat and chemical treatments.